Month: August 2023

Three Essential Questions

What is keeping you from trusting God completely?

Exodus 3:1-15

In today’s passage, Moses needed to know three things. To truly offer ourselves to the Lord with complete commitment, we also need the answers to these key questions:

  1. Who is God? In Exodus 3, God used a burning bush to get Moses’ attention and then introduced Himself as the God of his forefathers (Exodus 3:2, Exodus 3:6). God reiterated His identity four times in this short passage. He knew that Moses couldn’t take even the first step of faith until he knew the One with whom he was speaking. Likewise, we cannot wholly give ourselves over to God until we first come to know Him in Jesus Christ.
  2. Who am I? Once Moses knew who God was, his next question established a sharp contrast: OK, I know who You are, but who am I? (Exodus 3:11). Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord answered Moses’ question with a promise? In verse 12, He essentially replied, I will tell you who you are—you are the one whom I am with.
  3. Why am I here? My friend, there is only one reason why we are alive today: Passages like Matthew 5:16, Romans 15:5-6, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, and 1 Peter 2:12 make it perfectly clear that our job is to bring glory and honor to God by the way we live, the way we speak, and the way we love.

Knowing these truths will renew and reenergize your commitment to the Lord. Have you settled them in your heart and mind?

Daily Prayer

You should think of us as Christ’s servants, who have been put in charge of God’s secret truths. The one thing required of such a servant is that he be faithful to his master. 1 Corinthians 4:1–2, TEV

Dear Father in heaven, open our hearts to see and feel how our lives have been blest. Open our hearts to your blessings so that we may look forward in thankfulness and joy to what lies ahead. Grant that we may be faithful to what we have received from you and never again lose ourselves in the passing moment. May we hold to all you have brought to our hearts from eternity, that your name may be honored and our lives shaped anew in Jesus Christ. Give us courage to overcome the evils in life and to look with joy and confident expectation to the future, when the powers of your kingdom will be ever more clearly revealed. Amen.

Midnight Prayer Points

Psalms 121:7-8, Psalms 91:1-2
Proverbs 18:10, Psalms 46:1-2

Lord,I thank you for your guidance and protection over my life and my family in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, as I enter this midnight hour, I declare that you are my protector. You keep me from all harm and watch over my life in Jesus name.

Lord, I trust in Your unwavering guardianship. I believe that you are with me wherever I go, both now and forevermore in Jesus name.

I rebuke every fear that seeks to grip my heart. Your promise of protection brings peace and assurance to my soul in Jesus name.

Father, I thank you that your watchful eyes never slumber. You are alert and attentive to every detail of my life in Jesus name.

Lord, I dwell in your shelter, finding rest in the shadow of the Almighty. My refuge and fortress are in you alone in Jesus name.

I declare that I trust in you, my God, my Saviour. In times of trouble, I find solace under your wings of protection in Jesus name.

Father, I choose to speak your truth over my circumstances in Jesus name.

I declare that I am safe and secure in your loving embrace in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, your name is a strong tower, and I run into it for safety.

I declare that you are my refuge in times of need in Jesus name.

Lord, I reject the lies of the enemy that attempt to discourage me. I declare your name and find strength and security in it in Jesus name.

I pray against every strategy of darkness that seeks to weaken my faith. Your name brings courage and victory to me in Jesus name.

I declare that Lord, You are my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. I choose not to fear, even in the face of challenges in Jesus name.

Father, I thank you that even if the world around me seems unstable, you are my unchanging foundation in Jesus name.

I declare that I will not be shaken by circumstances. Your presence steadies my heart and mind in Jesus name.

Father, I trust in your promises, O Lord. In times of uncertainty, I rest in your unfailing love in Jesus name.

Father, I lift up my loved ones to you. I ask for your divine protection and covering over them as well in Jesus name.

I pray for the protection of my mind, guarding it from negative thoughts and anxiety. Fill me with your peace O Lord.

Lord, shield me from every plot of the enemy that seeks to undermine my well-being and purpose in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.

Rely on the Source

Every need is an opportunity to trust God and discover that He really does provide.

1 Kings 17:8-16

No one likes to be in need. But from the Lord’s perspective, that situation can be spiritually beneficial. When the bottom drops out of our imaginary security bubble, we discover the reality that all provision comes from Him. The Lord uses various instruments to meet needs, but He alone is the source of everything.

Elijah had learned to live by faith in the unusual ways of the Lord: he’d been fed by ravens. Now God sent him to Zarephath, to a starving widow with no ability to feed him. Every financial need is an opportunity to learn to walk by faith in the Lord, trusting Him to be our source. Prosperity can lead to a sense of independence that blinds us to how inadequate we actually are to provide for ourselves. But in reality, we’re totally dependent upon the Father whether we know it or not.

Believing that God would provide for him, Elijah was able to witness miraculous divine intervention. We may not see the Lord perform a supernatural work in our finances. However, His Word tells us, “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Are you focusing on the instrument or the source of your provision? The means God uses may change, but His faithfulness endures forever. The Lord is inviting you to trust Him and live in both the adventure and security of a life of faith.

Daily Prayer

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. John 10:27–28, NIV

Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for moving our hearts so that we may know we are your children. Even in the midst of turmoil and evil, fear and pain, you bring us happiness; we can know that you are holding us with your right hand and will finally deliver us from all evil. Let your Spirit be at work everywhere. Give us patience when time is needed in our own hearts and in the hearts of all people, who also belong to you. Continue to strengthen us so that even the heaviest burden does not crush us and we may exult in hope because you right every wrong, to the glory of your name. Amen.

Midnight Prayer Points

PSALMS 1:1-6, PSALMS 3:7

Lord, I thank you for your marvellous works in my life and family.

In Jesus name, I renounce the counsel of the wicked over my family and I.

Father, let my delight be in your law, and let your Word guide my steps in Jesus name.

Lord, uproot any ungodly influences from my life in Jesus name.

Help me Lord to stand firm in righteousness and holiness in Jesus name.

O Lord, Grant me the grace to bear fruit in due season in Jesus name.

Father, let my life be a testimony of Your transforming power in Jesus name.

I declare that am firmly planted in Christ, unshaken by the storms of life in Jesus name.

I declare that my leaves does not wither; I am fruitful and blessed in Jesus name.

Father, separate me from the assembly of the wicked in Jesus name.

Father, surround me with godly companions who encourage me in my faith in Jesus name.

Let my delight be in Your presence, Lord, and may I find joy in communing with you through prayer and worship in Jesus name.

I reject the path of destruction and embrace the way of the righteous in Jesus name.

Lord, please shield me from temptation and sins in Jesus name.

Lord, let the light of Your truth shine brightly in my life, exposing darkness and guiding me in your ways.

Arise o Lord and save me and my household in Jesus name.

Lord, smite all our enemies that refuse to repent and retreat in Jesus name.

Break the teeth of the ungodly who is assigned against me or my household in Jesus name.

I rebuke every form of fire explosion in my house or neighborhood in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.

Daily Prayer

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith…Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings. It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace, not by eating ceremonial foods, which is of no benefit to those who do so. Hebrews 13:7, 9, NIV

Lord our God, dear Father in heaven, we thank you for all you do in our lives, for you stretch out your hand to us on earth through our Savior Jesus Christ. We entrust ourselves to you, knowing that everything depends on your rule over our lives. It is your rule that enables us to go forward in your strength and in your light, always finding new joy in spite of struggles and temptations. May your mighty hand be with those who call to you, no matter how they may do it. You see into their hearts. You know those who are sincere, and you will send your Savior to bring them out of all evil and darkness. Be with us today and every day. Amen.

Midnight Prayer Points

PSALMS 34:1-22

Father, thank you for your goodness and mercy towards me and my household throughout the day.

Father, forgive me of all my sins or mistakes, let your mercy Speak for me in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus protect me and my loved ones as we sleep tonight in Jesus name.

I Declare that God is my refuge and strength in times of trouble in Jesus name.

Father help me trust in you fully in Jesus name.

I Pray in Jesus name for God’s provision in all areas of my life. I lack nothing good in Jesus name.

I Declare that God’s angels are encamped around me and my family in Jesus name.

Father let wisdom and discernment in all decisions be released upon my life in Jesus name.

Father I Pray for peace in heart and mind in Jesus name.

Father in Jesus name, heal any physical, emotional, or spiritual pain am experiencing tonight.

I declare that God is close to me in Jesus name.

I Pray for those who are sick or hurting in my household and community in Jesus name may they be comforted and healed in Jesus name.

In Jesus name, I speak words of life and encouragement to those around my territory;May you heal the brokenhearted in Jesus name.

I declare that God’s eyes are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their cry…Father may my heavens be opened over me and my household in Jesus name.

Father, I Pray for those who are struggling financially or in their jobs; in Jesus name may they find peace.

I ask God, please help me be a peacemaker in all my relationship with people in Jesus name.

I Pray for those who are struggling with addiction or other destructive behaviors in Jesus Christ name; May God’s peace be with them all in Jesus name.

I Declare that God is able to deliver me from all my fears in Jesus name.

Father help me be a light in the darkness in Jesus name.

I Pray for those who are facing persecution or injustice; Father step into their case in Jesus name.

I Declare that God is my rock and my salvation I shall not be moved in Jesus name.

Your personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.

The Authority of Our Message

When God gives you an opportunity, don’t be afraid to share His Word with others.

1 Kings 17:1

Elijah had a message to deliver to King Ahab that would soon disrupt life throughout the entire region. The wicked king’s first thought after encountering the prophet may well have been, Of all the nerve! Just who does this guy think he is?

Elijah was a man of great faith who believed what God told him. He spent time alone with the Lord and listened carefully to His words. And the prophet could boldly speak with authority because he knew and trusted the One who gave the message.

The Lord doesn’t speak to us in the same way that He spoke to the Old Testament prophets, but the process of receiving His message hasn’t changed. It begins with being alone in His presence and listening as He speaks through His Word. But it shouldn’t end there.

Prophets had the responsibility of telling the people what the Lord revealed to them. Similarly, we are to share with others what we learn from God’s Word. The Father reveals His treasures to us so that we can share them with others.

Begin each day alone with God in His Word and in prayer, listening as He speaks to your heart. Believe what He says in Scripture, apply it to your life, and then share with others what He has revealed. Be bold and remember that the authority of your message comes from Him.

Daily Prayer

The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength; indeed, the world is established, firm and secure. Psalm 93:1, NIV

Lord our God, you are king, founding a kingdom that reaches to the ends of the earth, establishing it to endure forever. We thank you that we may be sheltered in your hands and that no sickness of body or soul can do us lasting harm. We thank you for lifting us again and again to true life with the light and power to overcome what is earthly, true life with the flexibility to remain trusting and confident no matter what happens, true life directed to the great goal of God’s kingdom, promised to us in Jesus Christ. Amen.