A Different Kind of Slow

God’s timing is perfect—He doesn’t rush but is never late.

2 Peter 3:8-9

Bakers of sourdough bread learn to wait patiently. Sourdough is a “slow” bread that requires more time, effort, and attention than some other kinds. And because it depends on natural processes, it cannot be rushed. The result, though, is worth the patient waiting that it demands.

In a similar way, certain spiritual benefits can be gained only through waiting. For example, some of the early Christians felt frustrated by God’s delay. They had believed Jesus would return very soon, in their lifetimes. But time was moving on, and none of the promises they expected to see fulfilled were coming to pass. In fact, Peter warned believers that mockers would say “all things continue just as they were” (2 Peter 3:4). He reminded the people that our perception of time differs from God’s. For Him, decades and millennia pass like moments and days. So saying God is “slow” to keep His promise suggests a serious misunderstanding.

Not only is God not slow, Peter says, but what seems like slowness is actually God’s patience. Like the sourdough baker, God unhurriedly waits for something better—to see more people accept His gracious gift. We can wait patiently, too, if we understand that God’s delays always lead to something better than we can imagine.