A Hidden Kingdom

In His timing, God will reveal everything we need to know.

Matthew 13:10-13

Jesus’ teaching about His kingdom was sometimes direct, with the Sermon on the Mount serving as a prime example. In the Beatitudes and the other teachings of that sermon, Jesus explained how to live as a kingdom citizen. “When you fast …,” He said. “When you pray …”

At other times, Jesus revealed His kingdom through parables. These simple stories, which use familiar characters or scenes to convey rich truths, are easy to understand. “The sower went out to sow,” one parable begins. The story then tells what happens when the seed falls on different kinds of soil. But parables have a deeper meaning, too. Even the disciples needed help interpreting some of them.

Jesus still speaks to us today—in the words of Scripture and through the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ. And though the “secret” is out, we may feel that we lack understanding. In different seasons of life, we may experience clarity on spiritual questions we struggled with in the past. Or things that once appeared simple suddenly seem mysteriously complex.

Part of our growth is in learning to accept God’s timing, even when it comes to understanding Scripture. Whatever season we find ourselves in—whether a time of clarity or confusion— humility in approaching the Lord is essential. We can trust that He will reveal all we need to know. No hand-wringing required.