A Purpose for Doubt

Don’t stress when you have questions about God—take them to Him.

James 1:2-8

Have you ever felt your faith in God waver? Sometimes a doubt passes through us like a ripple. But on other occasions, it hits us like a crashing wave. And when that happens, the experience of doubt can feel very isolating.

But even in those lonely moments or seasons when we’re questioning what we believe, we’re never alone. For centuries, countless believers before us have struggled through the same thoughts and emotions. What’s more, our struggles don’t upset the Lord, who remains by our side, even when we can’t sense His presence. The Lord is kind, patient, and understanding—He knows our limitations and loves us without condition. (See Mark 9:17-27; John 20:24-29.)

We may not always be able to see how seasons of doubt factor into our journey with God, but that doesn’t mean those ripples and waves are without divine purpose. Instead of worrying about your thoughts, try accepting that they’re a normal part of the process of growing in Christ. Be gentle with yourself and don’t force anything.

A good place to start is simply to confess your thoughts and feelings to God as if to a caring friend. And then ask Him to make your doubt into something beautiful for His kingdom—a flourishing of belief that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible, like a tree blooming after the winter.