I greet you through the love of God. It my sincere pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to this wonderful occasion in our church today. I’m highly honored to be counted among the lucky people who are witnessing this anniversary in this church.
We are celebrating a rich history that began with just a few of us and today we can witness what the grace of God has done and together we all count to the blessings of the Lord. It has been a prayer to all of us for God to make us see this day and finally it is with us today.
We have grown together as a church and the goodness of the Lord has bound us with cords of love that can never be broken by anyone.
We have really been blessed and richly rewarded in all areas of our church. Starting from the number of people who attend the fellowship to the mode of delivery of the word. We have a reason to smile and what we can say is thank you Lord. May you live long because you are an everlasting God.
The year we are starting today is a year that God is going to manifest himself upon our church. We want to ask each and every one of you to continue praying as you have been praying so that we can grow from one glory to another.
On behalf of the church want to thank you in advance and let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to the service of today and the activities that will follow thereafter till we finish.
May the grace of God be upon you all and the love of God continues flowing through us so that we can be witnesses to this wonders of the Lord….

Adekunle Adewola