Abraham’s Perfect Faith

Pause right now to remember the ways God has kept His promises in your life.

Genesis 22:1-9

Yesterday, we learned about the three stages of faith. Let’s take a look at Abraham’s story to see what those stages looked like in his life.

Little faith. When God told Abraham he would have a child in his old age, Abraham not only doubted, but Scripture says he laughed—as did his wife Sarah, who was eavesdropping outside the tent (Genesis 17:15-18; Genesis 18:12). They believed their age would be an obstacle, but God saw it as an opportunity for His miraculous power to shine through.

Great faith. Genesis 21:1 says, “The Lord did for Sarah as He had promised.” When Abraham and Sarah held their promised baby, their faith in God deepened.

Perfect faith. Because God kept His promises time and again, Abraham trusted Him—even, as today’s passage shows, when instructed to sacrifice his precious son. Abraham’s faith was so strong, in fact, that he told his servants to wait for him and Isaac to return after they worshipped God (Genesis 22:5).

How has the Lord been faithful in your life? Try compiling a written or mental list of the times He has kept His promises to you. Remembering His past faithfulness helps us trust Him in the future.