Assessing What Is Left

There is always hope when we look to the Lord for our next step.

Nehemiah 2:11-18

Navigating loss is a complex process; there is no straightforward path through grief. Yet Nehemiah’s journey from lamenting the broken walls of Jerusalem to rebuilding them offers us insight as we partner with God to put life’s shattered places back together.

After grieving the destruction of Jerusalem’s fortifications, Nehemiah asked King Artaxerxes for permission to return to that city and rebuild its protective wall. Taking stock of what remains after loss is an important step as we move from grieving to rebuilding. It can be difficult to find glimmers of hope while surveying the ruins of broken lives, dreams, or relationships, but we are never without the one thing that matters most—God’s presence. Nehemiah knew this to be true, which is why he toured Jerusalem to inspect its walls and learn what was needed to repair the damage. In doing so, he oriented himself towards hope—that is, he looked for what could be accomplished with God’s help.

As the Lord did with Nehemiah, He also invites us to view rubble in our life with eyes of faith. So let’s dare to look beyond our present circumstances toward the joy of future restoration.