Becoming a Generous Giver

Take time to consider all the gifts you’ll enjoy today because of God’s goodness.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

We know we should be generous, but have you ever thought about all the ways the Lord has been generous to us? He formed us in our mother’s womb with tender, loving care and gave us life (Psalm 139:13). He created the world in which we live and provided air, water, food, and other essentials—as well as sunsets, butterflies, flowers, and laughter.

At salvation, we received additional gifts—the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, adoption into God’s family, and a heavenly home. We’re also given the Holy Spirit, who indwells us and provides wisdom, guidance, and comfort. We don’t deserve any of this, nor could we earn it. It’s been freely given to all who believe in Jesus.

When we think of how generous God has been to us, we should want to extend that generosity to others. To become a generous giver, remember these truths. We are …

• Imitating Jesus when we give sacrificially.

• Honoring God when we obey His commands to give.

• Extending His work through our support of the church.

Being a generous person requires a heart that loves the Lord above all else. The Holy Spirit will also transform each of us into someone who finds pleasure in giving. And God loves a cheerful giver.