Being a Good Steward

The Bible teaches that sound financial management includes saving and giving.

Matthew 25:14-30

The choices that believers make should align with God’s will—and finances are no exception. Our heavenly Father has provided us with resources and expects us to manage them wisely. The Bible helps us understand His perspective and offers guidance in setting financial goals.

Not everyone is able to plan years and years into the future. Sometimes there are seasons we can look ahead only a month or two. But even when finances are tight, the Lord wants us to plan for the future. Otherwise, shortsighted thinking can lead to high credit card debt, overdue bills, and inadequate savings.

Then there are those of us who already have a financial plan—say, for college education, medical savings, or retirement—and are adhering to it. In this situation, the temptation can be to become overly protective of what we have. Luke 12:16-20 tells of a rich man who built bigger barns for storage instead of sharing what he had—and the Lord called him a fool. We certainly don’t want to be foolish in God’s eyes.

Whether we have little or much, seeking God’s priorities for our spending, saving, and giving will help us use His money wisely. Imagine what can be accomplished when we follow His instructions for handling finances and invest our resources in His kingdom work.