Blessing in Opposition

How we manage conflict can powerfully affect those around us.

Matthew 5:3-16

Contrary to popular—but poor—theology, salvation doesn’t guarantee an easy life. We cannot escape conflict and therefore should learn to face it with courage and wisdom. The joy of our faith is that God gives us all we need to deal with whatever comes our way—and He’s able to use difficult things for good in our lives.

Consider the Lord’s example. Jesus was fully God, but at the same time, He was also fully human. That means He understood the sting of rejection, just as we do (Hebrews 4:15). Yet He was so fearless in challenging the status quo that religious leaders called for His death. He was at the center of controversy throughout His ministry, which is one reason He often slipped away for time alone with His Father. What a comfort to realize He understands when we, too, are in the midst of persecution.

That awareness can also help us relate to Christ in a deep, new way—and to follow His example of faithfulness, even when we’re being criticized or rejected. Simply by being the person God created us to be, it’s possible to make an impact on those around us. It’s important not to give up. So ask God to help you persevere—and trust that He is at work!