Called to Take Care

Are you reflecting God’s heart in the way you manage what He’s entrusted to your care?

Stewardship is more than just managing money—even in the ancient world, this word had to do with handling the affairs of an entire household. Look at the Old Testament story of Joseph, for example. (See Genesis 39:1-6; Genesis 41:38-49.) He became the steward for Potiphar’s household, and his job was to responsibly manage everything the family owned.

The idea of stewardship goes back even further—in fact, all the way to the very beginning of Genesis. Upon fashioning humans to bear His divine image, God charged them to imitate Him; He called them to be productive and have dominion—that is, exercise humble authority—over the earth. As stewards of God’s creation, they were to reflect who He is. That involved doing the hard work to maintain, preserve, and beautify the earth.

Think about it

• What in your life has God invited you to cultivate and oversee? Is it an opportunity through your workplace or a volunteer activity? Is He asking you to learn how to become more involved in your community? Perhaps it’s as simple as keeping your home orderly and well maintained.