Caring for One Another

Ask God to show you how to minister to the people He’s brought into your life.

John 19:25-30

The last mother named in Matthew’s messianic lineage is “Mary, by whom Jesus was born” (Matthew 1:16). Mary watched her Son’s ministry, no doubt treasuring all He said and did (Luke 2:51). She likely felt a range of emotions—from motherly pride to worry and fear—despite the fact that she understood He was “about [His] Father’s business” (Luke 2:49 KJV). Then, when Jesus was on the cross, she undoubtedly felt anguish watching Him suffer but also heard Him lovingly entrust her to John’s care (John 19:26).

Even though she had long anticipated a sword through her soul (Luke 2:35), that knowledge didn’t lessen her pain. But she didn’t endure it alone. She was surrounded by other believers in the days before and after Jesus’ passion. Following His ascension, she waited with them for the Comforter (Acts 1:14; Acts 2:1) and likely lived for years as a member of John’s household and part of the growing Christian community—worshipping, praying, and serving with those Jesus had come to save. And in that early church environment, she would also have been served by them.

Do you know of friends or acquaintances who are dealing with adversity? How can you show them the love of Christ? Ask the Lord to reveal ways to care for the people He has brought into your life.