The Agbala Orphanage Home is located in Oke Araada, Esanaje Ogbomosho along Old Oyo Parked road. Founded in 2017 during my evangelism to the hamlet of Iresa, Oko, Tewure, and other nearby villages, Agbala has been the home of hundreds of orphans where every homeless child is welcomed. Togetherness is our main strength and we’re trying to maintain this togetherness throughout and to all the children, and not only that, but alongside their parent(s) as well, many who are widows because their husband passed away or abandoned them to take care of the children alone. It’s our strong sense of belonging and commitment to each other that matters most to us.

The Agbala Orphanage Home is trying its best to help provide the kids with a future by giving them as much education as possible. At Agbala, every child’s physical, emotional, and educational needs are top priority. We employ an individualized approach giving each child the unique framework he or she needs to succeed.

As of April 2021, we are taking care of 25 children, a majority of who are under five years old, and most of them have been living at the orphanage since they are “days old babies”. The orphanage has cared for hundreds of children who have grown up to become God-fearing productive members of society. We have two people assisting us in day-to-day activities. Two people taking care of the babies, a hired bus driver (we pray God will bless us with a bus of our own one day), and someone with my wife overlooking the progress, ensuring that everyone taking part is committed to their duties. The rest of the routines are conducted by the older orphanage children helping the younger ones. The little ones are not only observing, but also learning in the form of working along with the older ones in their efforts to be self-sufficient and independent to themselves in their later years.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of homeless children roaming the streets. Our aim and objective are to give a home to this group of less fortunate children and show them the love, care, and understanding that every child deserves. Unfortunately, the space we have now is limiting us from taking in more children because it’s rented. There’s an urgent need to move to a more permanent home equipped with modern facilities to make life more comfortable for the children. It’s also important we have safe drinking water at the orphanage, and in the future, we have plans to build a medical clinic that will not only serve the children at the orphanage but the community as a whole.

You can help make this vision a reality by donating to our cause.