Confronting a Closed Door

When God closes a door, He will always open a better one.

Acts 16:5-10

Have you ever faced a closed door? It’s extremely frustrating, right? The apostle Paul knew exactly how that felt. On his second missionary journey, he repeatedly found the way blocked by the Holy Spirit. Eventually the apostle arrived in Troas with nothing but the sea in front of him and closed doors behind.

It must have seemed strange to Paul that God would prevent him from spreading the gospel. But instead of getting angry or trying to force his way into new territory, Paul waited for the Lord’s direction. The Bible doesn’t tell us how long he and Timothy lingered in Troas, but the apostle didn’t move until the Lord revealed the entrance to a new mission field.

If you’re in a period of waiting, try doing what Paul did. Look at your situation as a chance to seek God’s purpose and guidance. Ask the Lord why He has barred the way forward—perhaps the timing is wrong or there’s some unconfessed sin to deal with. Whatever the reason, it’s important to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading—and to be ready for the door that will open.

When an opportunity is blocked, God has a reason. He is providing love and protection, even when we don’t see it. And He’s keeping His promise to work everything for our good (Romans 8:28).