Devoted to Prayer

Intimacy with God grows as we spend time with Him.

Colossians 4:2-4

Have you ever wondered what one of the most important aspects of the Christian life is? The answer is surprisingly simple: Make it your habit to spend time with God, meditating on His Word and praying.

Notice that the key is to spend time with God. It’s easy to treat our prayers to Him like a checklist, where we rattle off requests for virtues like patience and wisdom or other things we want. Then we say “Amen” and expect Him to answer instantly. If that is the extent of our prayer life, we’re missing out.

Today’s passage teaches us to “devote [ourselves] to prayer” (v. 2). Every time we get on our knees, we are doing business with God, but more than that, we are developing a relationship with the Almighty. When we read and meditate on God’s Word, He teaches us His character and heart.

Set aside a time and place to meet with the Lord; He will be there. Over time, you will enjoy a deep, peaceful relationship with Him that translates into a passion for obedience and a powerful witness to others.