Every Sunday Is a Little Easter

Each time we die to self and live for Christ, we experience anew the gift of the resurrection.

John 12:20-24

As winter approaches, we watch leaves fall and flowers fade—even the grass withers. As everything around us changes and in some cases disappears for a time, we can take comfort in the words of Jesus from today’s passage.

He knew that when His death came, it would seem final to the disciples, so He planted these words in their hearts to help them understand. When He was raised from the dead, they realized He had prepared them, as one poet put it, to practice resurrection.

How do we practice resurrection? We haven’t died yet, after all! First, we let go of our old ways of living, our selfish desires, and our pride (2 Corinthians 5:17). In doing this, we experience a kind of death—one from which we are “made alive in the spirit” (1 Peter 3:18).

Second, we embrace the faith and hope Jesus provided. This happens in a powerful way every time we gather with other believers, confessing our sin and receiving God’s forgiveness and mercy. We worship together, in faith that our Savior has died and risen from the grave. And we worship also in hope that the new life we now enjoy partially will be enjoyed completely when Christ comes again. Think of every Sunday as a little taste of Easter, all year long.