Everyone is Welcome

When we include all people, we communicate that God welcomes everyone too.

Coming together to share a meal isn’t something we usually think of as a revolutionary act. Yet in the days of the Old Testament, people who were different from one another weren’t able to enjoy eating together. In fact, Jews weren’t even supposed to enter a non-Jewish family’s home.

But then something remarkable happened: As the redeeming message of Jesus’ death and resurrection spread throughout the world, that separation ended. Jesus invited everybody—both Jew and Gentile—to His table (Ephesians 2:14-15).

As Christians, we have the opportunity to extend this kind of gracious and unifying hospitality to the people around us, using our actions to let them know Jesus’ invitation is for them, too. God’s grace and mercy are for everyone who believes (Romans 1:16)—not just people of a particular background, culture, or status.

Think about it

• We show hospitality to the Lord by extending welcome to others. As a reminder of this, some Christians keep an empty seat at the table, acknowledging that Jesus is present with us at all times. What practical things you can do to develop a more hospitable mindset?