Faith to Trust the Word

No matter what we see with our eyes, it’s safe to trust Jesus—He always keeps His promises.

Matthew 8:5-10; Matthew 8:13

After the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus returned to Capernaum. There, a Roman centurion approached Him with an appeal on behalf of a servant who was “terribly tormented.” The Lord offered to go with the officer and heal the servant.

This was an incredible gesture, as Jews considered a Roman’s house off-limits. In fact, some would have frowned on Jesus even talking to a Roman soldier.

But the centurion’s response was incredible too. He said he wasn’t worthy of Jesus’ company but knew the Messiah’s “word” would be enough. This is the essence of faith—to trust what the Lord promises. In some situations, we must believe what He says despite evidence to the contrary; at other times we must trust while still waiting to know anything at all.

Could we have this kind of faith—the kind that delighted and “amazed” Jesus (Matthew 8:10)? It’s what He wants for all His followers. And remember His encouraging reply to the centurion: “It shall be done for you as you have believed” (Matthew 8:3).

We often want proof—some sign that the Lord will do as we ask. But the loving God we serve is true to His word. Faith empowers us to pay attention to Jesus and trust that He will make good on His promises, no matter what we see now.