Formula for Personal Growth

Living out the Word we’ve learned is how we—and our world—are changed.

James 1:22-25

Growing in Christ involves far more than just attending church, tithing, and listening to a sermon. In fact, many believers do all this but remain stagnant in their walk. For us to become more like Jesus, two things are necessary: instruction and involvement.

The first of these, learning truth, is vital to a healthy walk with God. In fact, Jesus proved the importance of instruction by devoting much of His time on earth to it. So how can we gain understanding? One of the most important ways is to read the Word of God. Scripture instructs us that just as newborns crave milk, we are to desire His Word so that we might grow. Pray that your spiritual thirst will become insatiable.

Simply listening to the truth, however, doesn’t mean that we’ve acquired it. Some people love attending Bible studies and expanding their knowledge, but their lives remain unchanged. Just as today’s passage teaches, we have to apply the Word to our life. Remember that actual growth requires action. As James 2:26 states, “Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.”

If we’re truly maturing, our life will be increasingly Christlike, and our desires will align more closely with God’s heart. Make sure that you are listening and responding to His truth.