Freedom From Sin’s Grasp

If you are trapped in recurring patterns of sin, call on the Lord for help.

Romans 6:11-14

Years ago, I found myself taking on too much responsibility. At first I thought doing so revealed my motivation and obedience. But as weariness set in, I realized my true motive behind the excess work: It was an attempt to prove I was adequate.

Insecurity, inadequacy, and lack of self-worth can, at best, distract us from God’s purpose. At worst, they can lead to transgression—and Scripture tells us that a recurring pattern of wrongdoing indicates captivity to sin. So how can we break free? Here are three steps to take.

  1. Recognize enslavement. It’s possible a blind spot prevents your seeing a sin that’s obvious to others. Accountability to a trusted friend may be appropriate.
  2. Trace sin to its root. What purpose does your sin serve? Is it a way to avoid responsibility? transparency? discomfort?
  3. Choose to be free. By Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are offered the greatest freedom possible: reconciliation to God.

Some people find liberation quickly, while others embark on a slow journey toward freedom. But one thing is clear for everyone—the Lord can break the enslavement of sin and insecurity in your life. So ask for His help and walk toward restoration.