Gaining Better Vision

If you want to see clearly, ask God to help you see from His perspective.

Matthew 7:1-8

You may have seen videos on the internet of babies receiving their first pair of glasses. They fuss and fight a little as the frames are being put on, but almost instantly, they stop and stare. Things that were previously blobs of color suddenly have defined shapes. Their parents’ faces, once fuzzy, become clear. Their smiles tell you everything you need to know about the gift of vision.

In a similar way, clear spiritual sight is vital for believers, and it involves learning to see as the Lord sees. This requires a shift in our perspective, and today’s passage provides a practical blueprint for learning to discern with the eyes of Christ: “Do not judge” (v. 1). True understanding begins with an awareness of our sins so we can “take the log out” (v. 5) from our own eye and see ourselves and others for what we truly are—forgiven and beloved daughters and sons.

1 Samuel 16:7 tells us that God doesn’t see as man does. Seeing with the eyes of Christ means searching beyond surface appearances and asking the Spirit to help us look more deeply into the heart of things. Jesus truly saw people—He recognized their brokenness and compassionately sought their good. May we be willing to do the same. Learning to view others as God does is the joyous labor of a lifetime, and the rewards for doing so are great.