Give With Joy

To God, the giver’s heart matters more than the gift.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

The act of giving holds a special place in God’s heart. Verse 7 of today’s passage reminds us that God cares about the way we share what we have. He delights in cheerful givers who act with a joyful heart and willing spirit.

When we give grudgingly or out of duty, we miss the delight of aligning our heart with God’s generous nature. Sharing with others should be seen as a privilege, not a burden. It’s an opportunity to participate in God’s work and to be His hands and feet by meeting the needs of those around us.

The condition of our heart—not the size of our gift—is what determines how the Lord views what we offer. Giving cheerfully reflects gratitude for His blessings and trust in His provision. It acknowledges that everything we have belongs to God and we are merely stewards. So, allow the joy of giving to fill your heart as you partner with God in blessing others. And remember, it’s not about the dollar amount but the love behind your gift.

Take a moment now to ask God where He is inviting you to generously give to others, just as He generously gave to you. Ask Him who, and then faithfully and obediently execute the what.