God Has Time for You

Just as God is never too busy for us, we need to slow down enough to give others the gift our time.

Mark 10:46-52

Time is precious. It’s a tremendously valuable gift that we can give to others. And Jesus showed us how to manage our time well. One important way He demonstrated His love for mankind was by being available.

The Lord had much to accomplish in His few years of earthly ministry. But wherever He went, He was sensitive to the needs of the people around Him and reached out in love to help.

In this month’s Bible study, we saw that shortly before going to the cross, Jesus stopped to help a poor blind beggar—a “nobody” in the eyes of society. Although the redemption of mankind was vitally important, the Lord cared enough about the suffering of one person to stop and do what He could to provide relief.

If Jesus stopped on the way to the cross in order to help someone, will He not also stop and listen when you call out to Him in your distress? He is never too busy to listen to one of His beloved children.

We are stewards of all that God gives us, including our time. How can you, like Jesus, reach out in love today and give someone the gift of your availability?