God Hovers Over Us

The security and love we need can always be found in our heavenly Father’s presence.

Isaiah 31:1-5

Can you recall a time when you witnessed a parent protecting a child from danger? That fierce and tender strength is wondrous to behold. Just as a watchful mom and dad are quick to defend and comfort their kids, so too is our Father swift to shelter and tend His people. Throughout Scripture, we find multiple instances where God’s love for His children is likened to a bird hovering over its nest or a mother comforting her child.

Today’s passage is one of them. Through the prophet Isaiah, God describes a coming time when the nation of Israel will regret looking to any nation or ruler besides the Lord for protection. Yet despite their misplaced trust, God promises to defeat Israel’s enemies and hover over Jerusalem, shielding and rescuing her from destruction. Centuries later, Jesus articulated a similar longing to gather the children of Jerusalem “the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” (Matthew 23:37).

God was not intimidated by the enemies that surrounded Israel, and He is in no way threatened by the forces, people, and problems that terrify us today. We can be confident that our God is intimately near to us in times of danger. Because of His strong and tender love, we have nothing to fear.