God Remembers Us

It is impossible for God to forget us—we are His children and are inscribed upon His hands.

Isaiah 49:13-18

Does it ever seem as if God has forgotten about you? Do you ever feel overlooked, abandoned, or unimportant? In seasons of suffering, it’s easy to think He doesn’t see or care about what we’re going through. With Jerusalem destroyed and most of its inhabitants sent into Babylonian captivity, the people of Israel were also tempted to think God had forgotten and abandoned them.

Today’s passage, however, directly challenges the assumption that pain and hardship are indications of His absence. After God acknowledges that He knows all about Israel’s fear of abandonment, He counters by asserting His unconditional love. He is as near, attentive, and giving as a mother with her nursing baby, and it is impossible for Him to forget us. To make this point clear to the apprehensive, weary Israelites, God gave reassurance that He had inscribed them upon the palms of His hands (49:16). Does that image sound familiar?

Centuries later, Jesus Christ hung on a cross with nails driven into His hands—proving that God’s words were true and that we are worth more to Him than we could ever imagine. We are God’s unforgettable, beloved children. How would it change our daily lives and our relationship with our heavenly Father if we lived safe in the knowledge that we are always on His mind?