God Rules in Your Circumstances

God’s light often shines brightest through us in our darkest moments.

Philippians 1:12-20

If you could change your present circumstances, would you? Most of us would say yes. Even if we’re experiencing relatively peaceful and comfortable conditions, we can always imagine a better life. And those of us enduring difficult, painful, or trying situations long to see the burden lifted.

But as everyone knows, there are some circumstances over which we have no control. We can’t maneuver our way out, so our only option is to go through them. As redeemed children of God, however, it’s important to remember this: We are exactly where God wants us, because His sovereignty rules over all our situations at all times.

Let’s look at Paul. He was sitting in a Roman prison, chained to a guard after a fruitful ministry of sharing the gospel. But even though the Lord brought him into difficult circumstances, His work in and through Paul didn’t stop. A negative aspect of the apostle’s life—being chained to a jailer—turned out to be the means God used to deliver the gospel to the entire praetorian guard and Caesar’s household.

The sovereign God who used Paul’s circumstances for His good purposes can do the same with yours. But like Paul, you may have to go through them trusting that the Lord will comfort and strengthen you to endure, and yes, even rejoice.