God’s Pathway to Goodness

God rewards all who obey Him, but our blessings may be different.

Psalm 25:4-15

The Lord showers His goodness on all, but our ability to perceive it is limited. To experience the fullness of His kindness, we must honor Him by choosing submission and obedience.

The Father has a plan for His children, but because no two people are alike, each path will look different. What may be best for one person may not be good for another. Comparison of God’s ways will lead only to discouragement and misjudgment. We have neither the wisdom nor the eternal perspective to understand why God leads some people down paths of pain and hardship, but we do know that He is always good.

Every step on God’s pathway represents a choice to follow Him. By looking around at others’ lives instead of fixing our eyes on Jesus, we may start thinking we’re missing out on something really good. Or if we leave the Lord’s course to follow a path that looks better, we forfeit His good blessings and discover, as Adam and Eve did, that any other way leads to loss.

Take time periodically to ask yourself, Am I on the path the Lord has chosen for me, or have I taken a detour to follow another direction that looks good? To build our own course and ignore the goodness and abundance of God’s pathway is foolishness. He alone knows the way we should take.