Intimacy With God

The most precious gift our Lord gives us is the privilege of a close personal relationship with Him.

Philippians 3:7-16

What’s the goal of the Christian life? Some may say it’s to become increasingly righteous or to tell others the good news of salvation. But the apostle Paul said his goal was to know Christ intimately. Is that your primary pursuit as well? When that’s our great desire, righteous living and passion for the gospel will follow.

Intimacy grows as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word. Through our reading, study, and meditation on Scripture, the Lord reveals Himself to us. But intimacy isn’t merely an exercise of the mind. It includes the engagement of our emotions as we love, serve, and worship Him. The more we get to know the Lord through His Word, the deeper our love and devotion to Him will become.

Another vital aspect of intimacy with God is an increased desire to obey Him. As we attune our hearts and minds to care about the things that matter to God, we’ll delight to do what He says.

Have you settled for a superficial connection with the Lord? Salvation isn’t just the door to heaven; it’s the pathway to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior until we have the most satisfying of all possible relationships.