Keep an Eye Out

God will work everything out for your good—even when life seems hopeless.

Acts 17:24-31

At times God’s work is dramatically obvious—as when He parted the Red Sea to deliver His people from slavery in Egypt. And at other times, what He does is inconspicuous. For example, the air in our lungs is provided by Him daily. Either way, He is always accomplishing something, whether we perceive it or not. Imagine how greatly we’ll be blessed if we can increase our awareness of how God is orchestrating all things for our good (Romans 8:28).

The demands of a busy schedule sometimes leave little room for quiet moments in God’s presence. Without periods of meditation and prayer, our spiritual senses become dull. But when we regularly communicate with our Father and spend time pondering His Word, we will see things more clearly. Then we can better appreciate all that He is working to accomplish in, through, and for us.

The same is true in our prayer life. For instance, we readily acknowledge the Lord’s intervention and rejoice when it occurs on our behalf. But if our request isn’t granted or timing doesn’t match ours, we might incorrectly conclude He’s inactive. However, today’s reading demonstrates the magnitude of God’s power and care, and we can watch with joyful expectancy for whatever He chooses to bring about.