Let Go and Grow Up

Maturity and freedom come when believers completely surrender to God and rely on His strength.

Hebrews 5:11-14

As Christians, we know our Father wants us to follow His commands and instructions. Too often, though, we try to obey but our old “flesh” keeps emerging.

Sometimes this is because of ignorance. Maybe we don’t realize that a certain lifestyle isn’t meant to be the norm for believers. However, the primary reason believers live in a fleshly manner is because we haven’t made up our mind who will be in control of our life. Maybe there’s something we’re unwilling to surrender to God—it could be a desire, habit, or source of security. Another possibility is that we have sensed His call on our lives but are running from Him in fear or rebellion.

The consequences of living this way are devastating. Without submitting to the Spirit, the carnal Christian is spiritually immature and ruled by desires, rights, and expectations. Because he has not applied previously learned biblical truths (compared to milk in today’s passage), he cannot understand the deeper things of Scripture (likened to solid food). The result is stunted spiritual growth.

If you find yourself described here, take courage. You don’t have to remain in this condition. What are you holding on to? Letting go can be very difficult, but the power of almighty God resides within you through His Spirit. Relax your grip, surrender to Him, and rely on His strength.