Liberated to Live

We can overcome sinful habits by trusting the Lord to meet our needs and asking Him for strength.

Romans 7:14-25

Christ has set believers free from the condemnation of sin, but fighting against it is still a challenge. We can all identify with Paul’s struggle in Romans 7 because we too may feel enslaved to sinful acts, habits, or attitudes. So, how can you enjoy the freedom Christ has won for you?

First, recognize that your problem is spiritual. When you were saved, you received a new nature created in righteousness, holiness, and truth, but you still live in a fleshly, fallen body that’s bent toward sin. That’s why you’re feeling an internal conflict.

Second, examine your motives and desires. Ask yourself, Why do I indulge to the point that I am mastered by this temptation?

Third, cry out to the Lord for help. Fill your mind with biblical truth. Then, believe that the Holy Spirit will enable you to deny your sinful desires and walk in obedience to God.

The Lord is progressively setting you free from the power of sin. Although you will always battle it to some degree in this life, the outcome is certain. After death or when Christ returns, you’ll be completely free from sin and won’t ever struggle with it again.