Making Disciples

Are you investing in other believers by sharing your time, understanding, and experience?

Matthew 28:18-20

Think about all the men and women who have invested in you over the years—those wonderful people who helped you meet Jesus and grow in your faith. Where would you be without their love and positive influence?

Maybe it’s time for you to become that person to someone else. After all, as Christians, we each have a responsibility to spread the good news and then to invest in the lives of other believers by sharing our understanding and experience. That’s why we must …

Spend time with the Lord so that we are growing and in tune with His Spirit.

Be prepared with a plan. New believers need to understand the basics—such as how to read the Bible and develop a habit of prayer—as well as where to find fellowship and encouragement.

Help others know what to expect as they embark on the Christian journey. It isn’t always a straight line, is it?

Most of us learned (and struggled) until we understood the basics of life in Christ. That’s why godly mentors are so important. We all need advice and encouragement from those farther along in their walk of faith.