Midnight Prayer Points

1 Peter 5:7, John 19:30, Matthew 11:28-29.

Our Father in Heaven, we hallow your Holy Name, thank you for your wondrous works in my life and family. Thank you for everything, thank you Jesus.

Father make me desperate for your presence, make me hunger more and more for your presence in my life in Jesus.

O LORD my God, I come to cavalry with my burdens where you said it is finished, please help me carry every burdens on my shoulders in Jesus Name.

Father I know that burdens are lifted at cavalry, lift every burden off my neck and grant me peace on all sides in Jesus mighty Name.

O LORD my God, I cast all my cares and burdens before you tonight, please ease me from the cares and problems of this world in Jesus Name.

My Father my God, take my yoke and give me your yoke, take my burdens and give me yours to carry in Jesus Name.

Father every depressing issues affecting my peace of mind, tonight attend to those issues and give me peace on all sides in Jesus Name.

Father my tomorrow is in yours hands, no matter the circumstances and challenges that may confront me, let it be well with my tomorrow in Jesus Name.

Father cause the spirit of fear to loose its grip over my life in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, that health challenge making me or anyone I know lose peace and trust in God, tonight I receive my healing, and I gain victory over them all in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, that financial debt I am into, that is giving me sleepless nights, tonight that case is settled in Jesus mighty Name.

Father in the Name of Jesus, this waiting period that I’m into that is making me feel insecure, tonight I receive clarity of vision in Jesus Name.

Father we come against every spirit of loneliness and depression ravaging the lives of children of God, especially the singles amongst us, tonight let all burdens be lifted up in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I receive that power, wisdom, and values to make wealth and to multiply financially in riches in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shall answer for me tonight, God will defend me tonight and grant me victory in all areas of my life in Jesus Name.

Father cause your face to shine on me tonight and remember me for your goodness sake in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, Father Lord make every crooked places straight for me, Lord prosper everything I lay my hands to do for good in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus I decree and I declare that as from tonight, all shall be well with me and my family in Jesus Name.

Father, I present to you my immediate family, please visit us in this new year and change our story to glory in Jesus mighty name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for what you are about to do for me this year, thank you Jesus.