Midnight Prayer Points

Psalms 102:13-28

Father, thank you for your favour and grace upon my household and I.

Lord thank you for your sufficient grace and daily mercies upon me and my family.

As I begin to pray, Father, answer me speedily in Jesus name.

Father, arise and have mercy on (mention your family/surname)— and now is the time to pity her, now is the time you promised to help.

Father, arise and have mercy on (mention your first name) For this is his/her season of exploit in Jesus name.

Father, cause men to tremble before you because of the great and mighty things you will do in my household.

May the kings of the earth tremble before your glory for your great works in my life in Jesus name.

Lord God Almighty, rebuild (mention your surname) and cause your glory to appear in Jesus name.

Father listen to the prayers of my heart and do not reject my pleas in Jesus name.

Father Lord, look down from your heavenly sanctuary and hear my groans from this prison of setback in Jesus name.

Father, release me from this prison I have been condemned to die in Jesus name.

Father cause your fame to be celebrated in my life, and may your praises be heard in my family.

O my God, who lives forever, don’t take my life while I am so young!

Father you remain the same from generation to generation, cause us to live in your security in Jesus name.

Father cause our children’s children to thrive in your presence.

Clothe me O Lord with the garment of unmerited favour in Jesus name

Decorate me O Lord with the adornment of your splendour.

Father, come and do a great work in my life in Jesus name.

As I cross over to the new month father come and do something new in my life and family in Jesus name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers ..