Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 54:17, Psalms 89:24
Genesis 32:27-28.

Father thank you for going ahead of me and my family today. Thank you for delivering us from the pit the enemies had set before us. Thank you Jesus.

Father let your faithfulness and mercy be with me and my family now and always in Jesus Name.

O LORD, am not satisfied with my present level, tonight my level must change Spiritually, Maritally, financially in Jesus mighty Name.

Father, change that name that is associated with borrowing, begging, reproach, sickness, delay, debt and demotion to a new name of abundance, glory, sound health and elevation in my life in Jesus mighty Name.

Father please help me to be sufficient in every area of life in Jesus Name.

Father frustrate every counsel of men against my prosperity in Jesus Name.

Father let your favour locate me and turn my scarcity into abundance in Jesus Name.

Father every wicked pursuer of my life let them stumble and crumble in Jesus Name.

Father, rain your fire down and let your fire consume every adversaries of my life and family in Jesus Name.

Father do not let me be vulnerable to the enemies. I hide under the shadow of the Almighty in Jesus name.

In the journey of my destiny Father, walk with me day by day, speak to me, guide me and show me things to come in Jesus Name.

Father, let the nature and fruit of the Holy Spirit find expression in my life throughout my lifetime in Jesus Name.

O LORD, help me and teach me to rise above every limitations, trials and temptations in my life and destiny in Jesus Name.

My Father, I break free from any negative influence trying to put me down in life in Jesus Name.

Father, any idea, gift and talents laying dormant in my life, open my eyes to see them and enlighten me to make good use of them in Jesus Name.

Father, please send help to those who must favour me, compel them to release all my blessings in their custody in Jesus Name.

Father, my helpers will not rest until they find me and help me in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I use the power in the Name of Jesus and in the blood of Jesus to contend with any power contending against me.

In the Name of Jesus, I break every yoke in my life and family in Jesus name.

I make a decree in the Name of Jesus against every negative circumstances in my life and family, let them die now in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, every evil associated with my environment, my street, my neighbourhood, I declare they shall not come near me or my family in Jesus Name.

Father, whatsoever I lay my hands to do from this day henceforth shall be prosperous and successful in Jesus Name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.