Midnight Prayer Points

JEREMIAH 50:33-35

Father I thank you for your mercies endures forever.

Thank you Lord because you have preserved me and my household till this day.

Lord please continue to show me your mercy in Jesus name.

Lord I am here again, hear my voice and answer me speedily in Jesus name.

Father, please help me not to be weary or depressed in life and destiny in Jesus name.

Father, please help me not to be frustrated, no matter what comes my way in Jesus name.

Father deliver me and my household from every captor that have refused to let us go in Jesus name.

Father anyone that have wronged us and have insisted on doing us more wrong, let them be faced with your judgement in Jesus name.

Father, you are a strong tower, you are stronger than our enemies, deliver us tonight from their grip in Jesus name.

Father, redeem us from the snare of the Fowler in Jesus name.

Lord of Heaven’s Armies please defend me and my household henceforth in Jesus name.

Father, defend us and give us rest again in Jesus name.

Father anything that represent babylon in my life, give them no rest in Jesus name.

Sword of destruction, strike anything that represent Babylonians in my household in Jesus name.

Father strike their officials and wise men too in Jesus name.

Repeated unexplainable failure in my life and family, cease tonight in Jesus name.

Recurring bad dreams in my life, end tonight in Jesus mighty name.

Every battle I have lost in my dream, I win them tonight in Jesus name.

Any area of life that my mates may have left me behind, I recover tonight in Jesus name.

Consistent efforts without result cease tonight in Jesus name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.