Midnight Prayer Points

Romans 8:5-8, Psalms 33: 18-22
Psalms 31:19, Psalms 24:9

Father, glory and honour, power and majesty be unto your Holy name.

I am that I am, thank you for your mercy over my life and family.

I declare in the name of Jesus, every gate shut against me is lifted tonight.

Every gate shut against my fruitfulness is lifted tonight.

Every gate shut against my marriage is lifted tonight.

Lord how great is thy goodness that you have laid up for those that fear thee. Release them to me in Jesus name.

Father, cause your goodness to overwhelm my household and I in Jesus name.

Father, your eyes is upon me and my household, no evil shall befall us in Jesus name.

I hope on you Lord, please show me your mercy early in Jesus name.

Father deliver my household and I from every snare of death in Jesus name.

Every evil pit dug for us is covered in Jesus name.

Diggers of evil pit for me or my household, fall into your pit tonight in Jesus name.

Father, even in the mist of famine please come and be our Jehovah Jireh in Jesus name.

Father, supply all our needs in Jesus name.

Great provider come and make a way for us even in this hard economy in Jesus name.

I receive grace to win souls to the kingdom of God this new month in Jesus name.

I receive grace to always preach the gospel even through my lifestyle and character in Jesus name.

I receive grace to stay holy always in Jesus name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.