Midnight Prayer Points

Exodus 23:25-26, Matthew 5:14, Acts 3:19

Father, thank you for the church of God thank you Jesus for all you do for the body of Christ.

O Lord I join the hosts of heaven to worship your majesty. I praise you Lord for all the signs and wonders we have enjoyed as a church. To you alone be all the praise in Jesus mighty Name.

Father have mercy upon your church. Forgive the members and the workforce from all our transgressions in Jesus Name.

O Lord Jesus, pour your spirit upon your church.

O Lord Arise and have mercy upon your church and her members for the set time to favour us is now.

O Lord consecrate your church unto yourself in Jesus mighty Name.

Father, inject your fresh fire in our bones that we may be on constant fire for you in Jesus Name.

O Lord kill the power of flesh in the life of your people in Jesus Name.

Father, reveal your self in your church. Help us to know you more in Jesus Name.

O Lord let your light shine in the life of your people and let every trace of darkness disappear from our lives in Jesus name.

O Lord visit the barren in your church and make them fruitful in Jesus Name.

Father release the oil of gladness upon your people. Let the jobless and under-employed receive miracle jobs this season in Jesus Name.

Lord Jesus, destroy every yoke of delay in marital settlement in the lives of the singles in our midst.

In the Name of Jesus, I declare liberation from every yoke of failure, misfortune, reproach and poverty in the church of God in Jesus Name.

Father let every yoke of hardship be taken off the shoulders of the members of your church in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, every yoke of disfavour, bad luck, and setbacks, be removed from the life of your people now in Jesus Name.

Father your word says: when we serve you shall bless us. O Lord bless every worker in the body of Christ, cause us to enjoy your goodness in full in Jesus Name.

Father, you said in your word that: you have not called us to seek you in vain, Father in Jesus name perfect all that concerns the workforce. Let it be clear in our lives for all to see that it pays to serve you.

For everyone who will be in your presence on Sunday, Father please present them with a unique present in Jesus name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.