Midnight Prayer Points

Psalms 70:1-5

Father, I thank you for your faithful love and kindness towards my household and I. Thank you Jesus.

Lord please be gracious to me at all times and show me your mercy early in Jesus name.

Father please, redeem me from every difficult situation in Jesus name.

Father, please come quickly and rescue me in Jesus name.

O Lord, show me your favour and restore me and my household in Jesus name.

Father, let all those who seek my life be humiliated and confused in Jesus name.

Father, send confusion to all those who wish me evil in Jesus name.

Let all those who want me dead go down for my sake in Jesus name.

Let all those who want my family dead to go down to the grave first in Jesus name.

Father, let their be utter failure in the camp of my enemies in Jesus name.

Lord as for my enemies, let them be ashamed and horrified over their complete defeat in Jesus name.

I seek you Lord, cause me to spring with excitement and joy over what you will do in Jesus name.

O Lord, how great thou art, you are glorious in Holiness, please deliver me from every form of weakness in Jesus name.

Father in my place of weakness and need please do not turn your heart away from me in Jesus name.

Father, turn to me and help me in Jesus name.

Hurry lord and help me for you are my Lord and saviour in Jesus name.

Father, It is written in Psalms 70 vs 5 that I am always in your thoughts, so do not delay to deliver me now for you are my God.

Deliver me o Lord from every demonic manipulation in Jesus name.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.