Midnight Prayer Points

Deuteronomy 23:26, Matthew 7:7.

Father thank you for your mercies that endures forever, thank you for bringing me and my family into the month of November.

In this 11th month of November, LORD pay my family and I Divine visit in Jesus name.

LORD, like a pillar of cloud in the day and like a pillar of fire at night, let your presence be with my family and I in Jesus name.

Through out this month of November, it Shall be rejoicing and celebration for me and my household in Jesus name.

My labour shall not be wasted and my reward shall not be lost in Jesus Name.

I come against every spirit weaving problems into my life, die now in Jesus Name.

Every spirit that makes me go from one problem to another, die now by fire in Jesus name.

I declare that in this new month all things work for my favour in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, demonic attack over my wealth is hereby frustrated in Jesus name.

Sudden financial breakthrough shall locate me and my household this month in Jesus name.

I pray that this month my barn shall overflow with fresh wine in Jesus name.

This month of November, I shall enjoy favour I did not work for in Jesus Name.

I decree new wine, new glory and great victory this month and beyond in Jesus name.

Father in this month, use me and my household to draw lost souls back to YOU, and in your mercy reveal Christ to them in Jesus Name.

JESUS be exalted in my life, in my family and in my Nation this month in Jesus name.

Holy Ghost brood over our Nations and let the light of Jesus shine bright and brighter and brighter in Jesus Name.

Every plans of the enemy to make me and my family cry this new month is truncated in Jesus name.

In this new month Lord, please make things easy for me and my family in Jesus name.

God of the 11th hour miracle, please visit me and my family miraculously and let the whole world know that you visited us in Jesus name.

Prophetically decree what you want to see in this new month.

Personal supplication.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.