Midnight Prayer Points

Psalm 136:1, Psalm 16:11, Exodus 33:5, Exodus 20, Revelation 12:11, Psalm 11:3

Father I thank You, for you are good, merciful and your loving-kindness endure forever. Thank you for making your grace available for us and our family. Thank you Jesus.

Father your mercies are new each day, please show us the sure mercies of David. Let your mercy speak over our life and family in Jesus Name.

Father just like the way you went ahead of the children of Israel like a pillar of cloud and fire, cause your presence to go ahead of us and our family in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, by your mercy preserve us in your presence forever, do not let your presence depart from us in Jesus Name.

Father any way we have used our hands to manipulate your will and purpose for our life, please help us to retrace our step back to your throne of mercy in Jesus Name.

Father, we put you at the center of our life, take all that’s mine and give us all that is yours in Jesus Name.

Lord, I want you to address the issues in our foundation. If there’s anything in our foundation that is still stopping your move in our life, tonight I bring them in obedience to Christ in Jesus mighty Name.

Father let every evil foundation in our life and family be destroyed tonight in Jesus Name.

Lord, we are available, use us as an instrument of transformation. Make us a voice to be reckoned with in this generation in Jesus Name.

Father help us to make an impact in our generation. I decree we will rise and the world will see our rising in Jesus Name.

My Father my Maker, help us not to fail in life. Erase every forms of failure, or disappointment out of our life and family in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, tonight I come against demonic powers that is pulling us down. I come against strange power that is distracting us from doing the will of God. Tonight we are delivered of them all in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, every power that suppresses us at night, enough is a enough, let your end come tonight in Jesus mighty Name.

O LORD my God, deliver us from every spirit assaulting us sexually in the dreams. Tonight we shall see them no more in Jesus mighty Name

In the Name of Jesus, that spirit being that is coming to takeaway virtues out of our life through sex in the dream or by any means, I call forth fire from above to devour their works in our life and family in Jesus mighty Name.

In Jesus Name, I come against every force that is against our spiritual growth. I set them ablaze tonight in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus. I destroy every power that is against our breakthrough. I set ablaze every spirit stopping our breakthrough, be destroy tonight in Jesus Name.

I declare that we are breaking free from every power and spirit stopping us from getting our joy in full this year, we break free in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, we cover ourselves and our family with the blood of Jesus. As this year is coming to an end our life and the life of our love once will not end with the year in Jesus mighty Name.

I come against every blood-sucking demon in Jesus’ Name. Our life and the lives of our loved ones are preserved this year and beyond in Jesus mighty Name.

God of the eleventh hour miracle visit us and our household before this month ends for good in Jesus name

Thank you, Lord, because you always answer our prayers.. take all the glory Lord.