Midnight Prayer Points

Acts 12:23, Psalm 143:12, Psalm 81:14.

Glory, honour, power majesty be unto God Almighty.

Father, arise and show me your mercy speedily in Jesus name.

I command the territorial spirits controlling me from my place of birth to release me now in Jesus name.

Father Lord, let your fire be kindled against every shrine in my town working against my life in Jesus name.

Oh Lord let the evil priests in my town destroy themselves for my sake in Jesus name.

I refuse to answer anymore satanic calling of my name in Jesus name.

All territorial weapons fashioned against my marital life will not prosper in Jesus name.

Father Lord, I destroy all the troublers of my marriage and my home in Jesus name.

Let all worshippers of idols prepared against my marriage die in Jesus name.

Let every evil architect destroying my marriage amongst my in-laws be exposed and disgraced by fire in Jesus name.

I command every evil architect of hatred, hostility, and conflict in my marriage be paralyzed in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, arise and disgrace every power challenging my marriage within my in-laws in Jesus name.

Let all evil in-laws receive angelic slap after the order of Herod in Jesus name.

Let all those despising me in my husband’s house receive divine disgrace today in Jesus.

I command all evil transportation system of evil in-laws to ground to halt and irreparable regret in Jesus name.

Father Lord let incurable disease identify and magnetize to the life of every evil in-law in Jesus name.

I cancel all evil pronouncement, utterances, curses, enchantments, influence, jinx and spell set in place against my marriage by evil in-laws and I send back to senders their evil deeds in Jesus name.

Father Lord, let the home of evil in-laws be characterized with frustration and disruption in Jesus name.

I withdraw the peace of all satanic in-laws in the name of Jesus.

Your personal prayer request.

Thank God for answers to your prayers.