Midnight Prayer Points

1 Peter 2:2-3, James 4:6, Hebrews 10:31, Hebrews 1:9, 2 Timothy 1:7.

Father, thank you for walking with me through every season of my life throughout this year, thank you for being a shield of protection roundabout me. Thank you Jesus.

O LORD, fill my cup with your Spirit, fill me till I want no more. Holy Ghost brood over me and refresh me ahead of the task in 2023 in Jesus Name.

Tonight LORD, I come against every spiritual lukewarmness and dullness in my life, activate my prayer altar with your fire, give me fire to do more for you in the coming year in Jesus Name.

Father, give me an unsatisfiable hunger for your presence, help me to desire more of you in the coming year and beyond in Jesus Name.

Help me O LORD to lay aside every hypocrisy and all forms of ungodliness. Help me to seek you in spirit and in truth in Jesus Name.

Help me O LORD to lay aside every fruit of the flesh. I come against every negative spirit in my life in Jesus Name.

Father destroy every idol that wants to stop your manifestation in my life and destiny in Jesus Name.

Father take away every form of self glorification that is hindering your move in my life, in the Name of Jesus.

Father in your mercy, don’t let me engage myself in any conversations that make me your enemy. All the days of my life, help me to reverence you even in my speech in Jesus Name.

Henceforth LORD, help me to live for Christ, let my light shine and let my conducts bring souls to your kingdom in the coming year in Jesus Name.

Father, let your oil rub upon me tonight, and cause me to be above only in Jesus Name.

Father, take away every spirit of fear terrorizing my spirit, soul or body. Tonight, I receive peace over my fears in Jesus Name.

I cast down every fear of the unknown in the year 2023, fear of my future, fear of my marriage, fear of uncertainties I receive peace over you in Jesus Name.

O LORD lift every embargo and destroy every limitations placed upon my life and destiny this season. Father set me free tonight in Jesus Name.

My Father my Father, my time and seasons are in your hands, please do not forget me remember me for your goodness sake in Jesus Name.

Father, deal with anything that is dealing with. Embarrass anything that wants to embarrass me in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Lord, let your glory be seen in my life and family in the year 2023 in Jesus Name.

Father, let every plan of the enemy concerning me or my family in the year 2023 be aborted in Jesus Name.

I decree and declare only the plan of God prevails in my life, destiny, marriage and family in Jesus Name.

Instructions- (In the next the next 5minutes stand up and cancel what you don’t want to see in the year 2023. Then lift up your right hand of authority and decree what you want to see in year 2023.)

Thank God for answering your prayers.