Midnight Prayer Points

Psalms 19:14, Psalm 127:3, Matthew 7:13-14.

Lord you are good and your mercy is forever. Thank you for everything.

Father, please show me your mercy, grace and help in Jesus name.

Every source of barrenness in my finance, die by fire in Jesus´ name!

O God arise in your power and kill every source of barrenness or miscarriage in my finance by fire in Jesus´ name!

Every foundation of poverty in my life or destiny scatter by fire in Jesus´ name!

Every tap-root attaching my life and marriage to stagnation die by fire in Jesus´ name!

O God arise in your power and nullify every verdict of limitations against my life and destiny in Jesus´ name!

Any covenant of barrenness entered into against my life and marriage, die by fire in Jesus´ name

Every yoke of barrenness upon my life and marriage, break in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I refuse from my life and marriage every form of infertility in the name of Jesus Christ.

Every gates holding back my divine inheritance be opened in Jesus name.

Every gate holding back my heritages from being born, I pull you down in the name of Jesus Christ.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. I receive my heritage and reward this season in Jesus name.

Father, give me the power and strength to flee from temptations in Jesus name.

Father, I ask that you give me the wisdom to build my home on the foundation of Christ in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, let my ways be always guided by You so that I won’t sin against You in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, help me today not to follow the broad way that leads to destruction in Jesus name.

Father, in any way I have been failing you, please forgive me in Jesus name.

Henceforth, Holy Spirit, I submit my life to you. Guard and guide me to the perfect will of God always in Jesus name.

Almighty God, cause my words, meditation, and ways to always be pleasing to you in Jesus name.

Thank you Father for what you are about to do for me this year, thank you 🙏