Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 61:7, Isaiah 62:8, Psalm 69:14-15.

Thank you LORD for your faithfulness and steadfast love that never cease. Thank you for been our Ebenezer. Thank you Jesus.

Father, thank you for making I and my family to see the end of February in good health and peace. Thank you Jesus.

Father, in any way that I might have failed you, please forgive me and have mercy on me in Jesus Name.

O LORD my Father, please keep my hope alive. Help and teach me to trust in you for a better and brighter tomorrow in Jesus Name.

Father, cause me and my household to enjoy a double share of honr in Jesus name.

Cause us to possess a double portion of prosperity in this land, in Jesus name.

Father, give me and my household an everlasting joy in Jesus name.

O LORD my God, let the light of your countenance shine upon me and cause my life to radiate in Jesus Name.

O LORD be gracious and be merciful to me and my family, crown the year with your goodness and may our barns be full in Jesus Name.

Father convert all our shame to double honor and our confusion to sounds of rejoicing in Jesus Name.

O LORD, in the Name of Jesus our enemies not enjoy the fruits of our labour in Jesus Name.

O LORD, deliver me from the miry clay. Deliver me from every sinking ground in Jesus name.

Father, in the Name of Jesus establish my feet on a solid foundation in Jesus Name.

Father, do not let me sink down. Deliver me from the deep waters of the enemies in Jesus Name.

Father, let not the waterflood overflow me and my household in Jesus name.

Deliver us oh Lord from them that hate us in Jesus name.

Father, please fulfill your pleasant promises and purpose for my life speedily in the month of March in Jesus Name.

My Father my Father, I come to you tonight, please be my fighter in the battles of life, and give me new songs of victory over my enemies in Jesus Name.

Father, please remove every trace of curse holding the fulfillment of my destiny from my life and family in Jesus name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.