Midnight Prayer Points

Isaiah 57:21, Jeremiah 51:20, Psalm 7:9 Psalm 23, Psalm 91.

Father thank you for being our shield and protector, thank you for protecting me and my family from all evil. Thank you Jesus.

Father let your mercy prevail over my unrighteousness, wash me clean from every wrong motive in Jesus Name.

Father, please have mercy on me and my family. Let your mercy speak for us in Jesus Name.

Father help me and my family to align to your will. Help us to draw closer to you in Jesus Name.

Every snare the evil ones has prepared ahead for me or my family, it shall not come to pass in Jesus mighty Name.

Every propaganda from the kingdom of darkness assigned against me and my family, be utterly destroyed tonight in Jesus Name.

Any agent of darkness in my life, pretending to be an agent of light, be destroy tonight in Jesus Name.

Every household wickedness destroying my destiny, be destroyed completely tonight in Jesus Name.

Anyone or anything afflicting my soul, body and spirit, O LORD tonight strike them with your fire in Jesus Name.

Beginning from now, my enemies shall have no peace. They Shall see me and flee before me in Jesus Name.

O LORD you are the mighty man in battle, in your mightiness, arise and fight the battles set before me and my family in Jesus Name.

Every mountains and hills set before me and my household is brought down tonight in Jesus Name.

Every yoke and chain holding my breakthrough and advancement in life what are you waiting for, break now by fire in Jesus name.

Every burdens and pains afflicting my life and family, be subject to the word of God tonight in Jesus Name.

By your mercy Father, let every obstacle, limitations, disappointment, failure in my life be crushed tonight in Jesus Name.

Any challenges that has refused to leave my life, I subject you to the Name of JESUS, in Jesus Name leave now.

In the Name of Jesus, any closed door that has refused to be open for me, in the Name of Jesus, lift up your head and be open in Jesus Name.

Father, prepare a table of gladness, joy, abundance, fruitfulness and favour before me and my family this season in Jesus Name.

Father, glorify yourself in my life and family and cause our glory to spring forth like never before in Jesus Name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.