Midnight Prayer Points

Matthew 9:35, Matthew10:1, Psalm 34:19.

Father, I appreciate you for the gift of life in Jesus name.

Father, I ask that you please have mercy on me in Jesus name.

O Lord visit me tonight for divine healing in Jesus name.

My Father, my Father, take me to your heavenly theater and work on me from the crown of my head, to the sole of my feet in Jesus name.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I take authority over my health in Jesus name.

I decree and declare complete and total healing upon my life in Jesus name.

I close up every channel of sickness to my life in Jesus name!

(Instructions: Mention the sickness/ailment) You are a stranger, I command you to pack your load and go and to never return in Jesus name!

You reoccurring sickness and disease, pack your loads and go in Jesus name.

O Lord, deliver me from every sickness known or unknown in Jesus name.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I uproot every evil physical plantation in my health by fire in Jesus name.

(Instructions: Shout blood of Jesus 7times) Flush away every physical and spiritual poison from my body in Jesus name.

I uproot every spiritual plantation in my body by fire! by fire!! By fire!!!

Whatever is disturbing my health, I destroy it from the taproot by fire, by fire, by fire, by fire!!! In the name of Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus, I paralyse every power sponsoring sickness in my life in Jesus name.

O Lord please restore all that I have lost in this period of illness in the name of Jesus.

(Instructions: say this 7times) I decree and declare, “I am healed in Jesus name”

Father, come and be glorified in my health in Jesus name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank God for answering your prayers.