Midnight Prayer Points

Acts 3:21, Revelation 21:5

Father I bless your name for your love that never fails, receive all the praise in Jesus’ name.

I bless the Lord my God with all that is within me, bless His Holy name.

You are gracious and faithful my Father and my King, receive my thanks in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord, for sending your son to die for my sins, hallowed be thy Holy name.

Search my heart O Lord and
check if there’s any wicked thoughts in me.

Father, I confess my sins unto you, and I ask that you forgive me in Jesus’ name.

My Father and my King, make me pure to stand before your Holy presence in Jesus’ name.

My Father and my God, tonight I ask that you do something new in my life that will cause a major turnaround in my home in Jesus name

Father tonight, I ask that you do something tangible that will cause a major testimony in my life in Jesus name

O my Father, I ask that my latter will be greater than my former in Jesus’ name

O Lord, let the time of refreshing come in my life and family in Jesus’name

Father, do not let your presence depart from my home in the mighty name of Jesus.

O Righteous One, I ask that you strenghthen me in your might, even to the end of time in Jesus’ name.

Precious Holy Ghost, guide me from the evil one and his schemes in Jesus’ name.

Father, restore unto me, all the years the devil has taken from me in Jesus’ name.

I destroy every plan of the enemy to make me shed tears of agony in Jesus name.

Tonight, I recieve in 100 folds, whatever the devil has snatched and stolen from me in Jesus’ name.

Father, tonight let all your promises concerning my life come to pass from now on in Jesus’ name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.