Midnight Prayer Points

Psalm 9:1-10

I will thank the Lord with all my heart; I will declare all your wondrous works. Thank you Jesus

I will rejoice and boast about you; I will sing about your name, Most High. Thank you Jesus

Father, please show me your mercy early in Jesus name.

Father, please visit me early in Jesus name

Father arise and come to my help my strength have failed me.

Cause my enemies to turn back in Jesus name.

Cause them O Lord to stumble and perish before you in Jesus name.

Father, uphold my just cause; fight for me and let me hold my peace.

Righteous judge, rebuke the nations for my sake.

Destroy the wicked around me and my family in Jesus name

Erased their name oh Lord forever and ever in Jesus name

Cause my enemies to come to eternal ruin in Jesus name.

Father, uproot the any man terrorizing my family in Jesus name.

O Lord who sits enthroned forever; the one who has established His throne for judgment. Arise and judge my case in Jesus name.

Father, judges the world with righteousness; executes your judgment on my nations with fairness in Jesus name.

Father, you are the refuge for the persecuted, a refuge in times of trouble.Come now and defend me.

Father, I know your name and I trust in you, please do not abandon me in Jesus name

Father, those who seek you, early shall find you, may I find you now in Jesus name.

Your personal prayer points.

Thank you Father for answering our prayers.