Midnight Prayer Points

Colossians 2:14-15, Psalm 23:1-6, Psalm 91.

Father, thank you for your amazing love towards me and my household, thank you for not punishing us because of our sins. Thank you Jesus.

Father I ask that you fill me up with your power and the Holy Spirit. Help me to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit tonight in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, demonstrate your power in my life, help me to be the practical demonstration of your power and glory In Jesus Name.

I align my life, my soul and my spirit to your will Lord, have your way and use me for your glory in Jesus Name.

Father, I avail myself to you, use me for your glory in Jesus Name.

Father, I commit this new month into your hands, come and take total control in Jesus name.

Father, cause me to enjoy an overflow of your goodness and mercy this month in Jesus Name.

Father let my cup run over with your unstoppable blessings this month in Jesus name.

Father, help me to experience unstoppable favour and blessings overflow this new month in Jesus Name.

Father, prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies and cause me to flourish on all sides in Jesus Name.

Every evil demonic handwriting trying to manipulate my destiny and marriage let such hands wither by fire now in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, in this new month and beyond, I ask that you deliver me and my household from anyone that wants to manipulate or put us into troubles. Father remove us from their hands in Jesus Name.

Father, in this month of MAY, cause me to see your hand upon my life, business and marriage. Let all things work together for my good in Jesus Name.

In this month of MAY, I rebuke every evil handwriting, writing evil concerning me or my family, I command such handwriting be washed out by the blood of Jesus.

Father flush out every evil documentation assigned against me and my household in Jesus Name.

Father deliver me from every wicked spirit tormenting my life.

Deliver me from every wicked spirit insisting that I will not go far in life. Tonight deliver me from their hands in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, loose me from every ancient chain that has tied me down in Jesus name.

In the Name of Jesus, I break free from every satanic chain in Jesus Name.

Every chain that has held my marriage and progress in life down, in the Name of Jesus I break free from them now in Jesus Name.

I declare that in this month of MAY, the Lord is my shepherd therefore I lack nothing good in Jesus name.

In this month if MAY, I lie down in green pastures in Jesus name.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my confidence is in you LORD, therefore I fear no evil in Jesus name.

Father, in this new month of MAY, anoint my head with your oil and cause my cup to run over in Jesus name.

I declare and decree in this new month of MAY, I and my family, relatives and friends are preserved in Jesus name.

I declare that we are hidden under the shadow of the Almighty therefore no evil comes near us in Jesus name.

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Sing thanksgiving songs to God for answers to prayers.